Ermac Timofeyevich was a cosack born in 1532. born between 1532 who led the Russian conquest of Siberia in the reign of Ivan the Terrible.


In the late 1570s, the Cossack fighters invaded Asia on behalf of the Tsar. They elected Ermac Timofeyevich as the leader of their armed forces and, in 1582 he set out with an army of 840 to “conquer” Siberia.


On October 26, 1582, Ermac and his soldiers overthrew Kuchum Khan’s Tatar Empire in a battle that marked the "conquest of Siberia."


Ermac remained in Siberia and continued his struggle against the Tatars until 1584, when he and his party were ambushed and killed in a raid organized by Kuchum Khan.


His life and conquests had a profound influence sparking Russian interest in the region and establishing Russia as an aggressive imperial power in the east.