Taras Bulba


A "Romeo and Juliet" story that takes place in 18th century Ukraine.

The Cossacks of Eastern Europe join the Poles to rid the Turks from the Steppes of Europe. In return for their aid, the Poles agree to give control of the Steppes to the Cossacks. After the battle, however, the Poles back out of their agreement and force the Cossacks into the hills.


Taras Bulba, a Cossack Colonel, raises his son, Andrei Bulba on a farm and hopes to free the Cossack lands of the Poles. Though not wealthy, he is able to send his son Andrei away to a Polish school. Taras hopes that his son will be educated in the ways of the enemy, so he can one day defeat them in battle. In his learning process, however, Andrei falls in love with the daughter of a Polish Nobleman. This twist causes Andrei Bulba to choose between the love of the Cossacks, and the love of a woman, and causes Taras Bulba to choose between the love of his son, and the love of the Cossacks.


A fantastic film was made with Yul Brynner playing Taras Bulba and Tony Curtis playing Andrei Bulba. A must see old classic