Philharmonic Dining Rooms


Words are inadequate to describe the utterly fabulous interior of the Philharmonic Dining Rooms. England’s most spectacular pub is named after the Philharmonic Hall opposite and was built in 1900 to cater to concertgoers, and wealthy locals who lived in the area.

Typical of gin palaces, the lavish décor begins on the outside with a set of striking Art Nouveau wrought iron gates at the main entrance that lead customers along a magic carpet of mosaic into the Lobby Bar. As film directors sometimes say, ‘this is the money shot’ – magnificent wood work, Corinthian pillars, stained glass, ceramic wall tiles and a circular hardwood bar faced with brightly coloured mosaic. At this instant there are two types of visitor – those standing looking around with jaws dropping at the architecture and those with jaws dropping at the great choice of cask ales. Since becoming the licensee in 2000, Marie-Louise Wong has transformed the Phil, as it is universally known, from a pub with one indifferent beer, to a destination for real-aleophiles, presenting up to ten notable brews at any time and earning a slot in the Good Beer Guide.