Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires, Derbyshire - the ultimate pub experience!

One of those absolutely classic pubs. It's on the A623 at the junction of the B6465 Not far from Bakewell. Good walk around Monsal Dale and here for a few ales.


Well the pub itself is very basic. As you walk through the ancient front door you'll see why. It's wonderful, just a simple small bar (3 Hand Pumps), a few rickety tables, stools and chairs and some plates on the whitewashed walls. If you sit on one of the antique settles, do check first, or you may give one of the resident lurcher dogs a shock. The floor is made of bare flagstones and the bar is kept warm by a range. It was as you imagined a village pub might be 300 years ago.


There's also a room to the right, above the door a foxes head! When you enter the other room its backside sticks out above the other door! Gives the impression that a fox has run through the brick wall above the door.


The pub is a bit like the pub in American Werewolf in London when you walk in the room goes quiet and one senses that strangers are not exactly welcomed but you are!


NO LAGER! There's a sign above the bar stating: ‘Please do not ask for lager as a smack in the gob often offends’. A true real ale pub!


On one occasion after a long walk me and Roger called in for a few? We sat in the corner chatting with the locals. Some hunters entered with some dead Hare’s and Pheasants and a couple of hunting Hawks which settled on the back of two chairs in the corner, no problem! Later a couple of tourists from London entered, they where not sure a first so I gave them a word of encouragement ‘your welcome, don’t worry’. They ordered there drinks and sat next to me and Roger. The lady said ‘How quaint, not fussed about the stuffed hawks on the chairs though’. At this point one of the Hawks flapped its wings and shat up the wall! The woman screamed ‘My God there real’. I replied ‘The Hares and Pheasants on the back of the door are dead though’.