With the help of Andy at Marlpool Brewery I brewed my 1st commercial brew. After looking at all my recipes I decided to brew Berties Best Bitter.

So one cold morning in March, Berties was born!


After boiling the water and adding this to the grain in the Mash Tun for an hour and a half we transfered the brew to the copper, sparging the remaining grain.

We boiled the liquor adding Target hops for bittering and Fuggles hops to taste.


After boiling the wort we transferred this to the fermentor and added the yeast.

A long week of fermenting and chilling down it was ready for the cask. We dry hopped the beer in the cask with fuggles. Then we stored the casks away for three weeks, longer the better with dry hopping.


The first cask was launched at the Brewery Micro Pub - Fantastic, went down a treat! A second cask was sent to the Spanish Bar in Ilkeston. It went on Friday lunch time and all 72 pints sold by Saturday night! They ordered a third cask! The 4th cask went to the Coach and Horses at Elston Newark. The 5th and 6th cask went to Marlpool Ale House and the final 2 casks went to Little Chester Ale House in Derby who kindly bottled a limited edition of 36 pints for me.