Beer is simple




Each brew is a signature of the Brewer, hand crafted! Unfortunately large brewing companies have over the years monopolised brewing. Machines and chemists replacing the brewer! A bit of chemical here, enzymes here a few additives here. Oh we better add some hops to try and give it some flavour! Put preservatives in it so it will keep longer. Rubbish!

Your old local favourites have gone all but in name? My old local Ale was Tetley’s! How can Tetley’s be called Tetley’s when the brewery in Leeds Yorkshire has now closed and it’s brewed in Northampton 190+ miles away using different water, brewer etc. I trained at Shipstone’s (Greenhalls) and Mansfield Breweries in the early 90’s before they where swallowed up by large companies and destroyed!


We all know that Beer is good for you. When I say Beer I mean Real Beer - Real Ale, No Chemicals or Additives! Avoid anything that says ’Smooth’, ’Cool’ ’or ‘Cream Flow’.


I was lucky to have lived in Germany who had a purity law so the beer was fantastic! They would not import any other beers that had been artificially inseminated with rubbish! However the Euro rats have made them change this over the last couple of years for unfair competition with the rest of the European Union so be aware! Read the small print.


So if you must drink Lager do not drink the norm! Look for a Real Pilsner (Larger) Beer you might pay a bit more but it’s worth it just for the taste and it will be ‘Chemical Free’. Or convert to something you might enjoy. Real Ale!


All my Ales are hand crafted using only pure ingredients. Over 100 recipes that have been proven and tested for over 35 years using English and New World Hops brewing Pale Ale’s, Bitter’s, Mild’s, Stout’s and Porter’s and now finalised to a few ales that you will enjoy! The other brews left in store just in case? Some recipes you can try that I have listed. These are all based on 5 gallons!