The car for you?

A test drive is certainly needed to confirm that this is the car for you. A good salesperson will go with you so he can keep on top of you and your wife's conversations. He wants to answer all objections as they come up, and to keep up that good line of questioning. The thing to do is ask that you be allowed to test drive the vehicle alone or with your wife. This will give you and your wife, a chance to re-group. Before you go on the test drive you will be asked for your car keys so the Used Car manager can appraise your part exchange. While they are test driving your trade-in, they will look in glove box, boot, look under seats, look for anything left in the vehicle to determine more information that will aid them in getting you to buy that day at a nice profit! You will usually have had a good time up to this point in your shopping experience. It is at the end of the test drive when you have answered his question, "How do you like it?" that the frustration that most people hate begins to set in. You will be honest and say you like the vehicle and ask how much it will cost. ?" You can be as forthright as you like but I assure you that the offer will be way less than you could actually get. Using up all of the information you gave, they will structuring a deal! If you took this deal without negotiation, you will have made a big mistake.You may see a system called a “foursquare” This is the worksheet on which the sales person jots down the terms of the deal. It’s an easy way for them to manipulate one factor (purchase price, down payment, monthly payments, trade-in value). This is just another ploy to control the sales situation, pick your brain to see which of the four is your "hot button", and focus on that part of transaction. Keep them off balance with questions. Turn their questions around. When asked "How much do you want for your part exchange", ask "How much will you give?