Meet and Greet

The salespearson will establish a quick relationship. After all most people will buy from a friend or acquaintance, so the salesman is urged to establish the relationship quickly. The introduction consists of shaking hands, introduce himself to you, asking your name, repeating your name (everyone likes to hear his name), and introducing himself to any others in your group. Pay equal amount of attention to your wife. Offer coffee and somewhere to sit. Sales people do not want to give you a quote. If they give you a quote, they know you will take it to another dealer and get him to beat it. And the next dealer knows that he's in the same position. Their only hope of selling you a car is by getting you to commit to buying the car before you get the final price. This is very irritating and frustrating for customers, but entirely understandable if you look at it from a dealer point of view. They have two choices: Give you a quote and see you walk, or try to get you to enter negotiations.