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  • Jim Tuddenham (Monday, March 31 14 01:02 am BST)

    Hi Mick,
    am collecting T-bar subs, have u paid yours,? you owe for 3 months.....

  • Steve 'Mutley' Utley (Air Camera Bay - RIC (NI)) (Sunday, March 30 14 07:52 pm BST)

    Hi Mick, nice to find your site. Are you on FaceBook? We have a secret RIC(NI) group with 100 ex-members. Drop me an email and I'll link you or FB me.

  • Paul Blythe - Doncaster (Friday, July 19 13 11:30 pm BST)

    Not tried Berties Best Bitter on draught. Bot the bottle conditioned Berties was up there with the best bottled beers I have tasted. Given to me as a gift from family in Ilkeston. Fantastic. More
    Please. 10/10

  • Roger Broughton (Friday, June 22 12 03:48 pm BST)

    na then Mick

  • Tom Benson (Wednesday, June 20 12 09:32 pm BST)

    High Mick - Last time we met 1990. Bergstrom USAF Texas. Remember the trip to the Alamo! Fantastic. You became an Honoury Texan! (Quick on the draw). Good web Site hope to see some more info. Regards
    Tom Benson. Austin, Texas. give me a call.