Woolerton Hall and Park


Only 10 minutes from home we have Woolerton Hall and Deer Park. It's a country house standing on a small but prominent hill in Nottingham. The house itself is a natural history museum, with other museums, café and shops in the out-buildings. The surrounding land is regularly used for large scale outdoor events such as rock concerts and festivals.

Recorded in 1702 that the master masons, and some of the statuary, were brought from Italy. The decorative but ludicrous gondola mooring rings carved in stone on the exterior walls offer some evidence of this, as do other architectural features. There are also obvious French and Dutch influences.

The park is home to a herd of Red Deer and Fallow Deer

In 2011/2012, key scenes from the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises, were filmed there.The Hall will feature as the latest Wayne Manor.